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Our mission for spring is to be creative and surround ourselves with beautiful, comforting things and positive, smart people. Today is Earth Day and we started our call discussing the changes we'd make to control the climate and reduce plastic. As we ended the call, we stumbled into a conversation about must haves and I dived in to explain how important art is to my well being. My walls, shelves and floors are covered with reminders of our culture and heritage...Faces by Margaret Burroughs is a signed limited edition that hangs in my foyer. Ms. Burroughs was a talented artist better known as one of the founders of the DuSable Museum in Chicago. Each morning as I pass the print, I am reminded of the marvels of spring. As the days grow warmer and longer it's time to put on your game face and update your wardrobe. Spring ushers in change and this April did not disappoint. From the only solar eclipse in the 21st century with visibility over the USA, Canada and Mexico to the series of palindromes from 4.20.24 to 4.29.24; we witnessed life's natural wonders. As the moon's shadow passed across North America, millions prepared to embrace spring; a time for awakening and renewal. A gracious reminder of how lovely change can be.

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